Settle Your Debts

Remove Yourself from Debt Review

Improve Your Credit Score

Earn Cash Back

Free Financial Advise & Education Modules

Get Peace of Mind

We give you cash, at the lowest interest rates, when no one else will.

We help South African Employees who are property owners to:

Get out of the High Interest Debt Trap

Have cash for University or School fees

Removal of Judgements and Debt Review

Settle Arrear Accounts

Switch from expensive consolidation loans and save

Improve your monthly disposable cash flow

Get out of the High Interest Debt Trap

Have cash for University or School fees

Removal of Judgements and Debt Review

Settle Arrear Accounts

Switch from expensive consolidation loans and save

Improve your monthlydisposable cash flow

Help me pay for my children’s education

Thobeka & Amelia’s story

Help me get out of
Debt Review

Robert’s story

Help me pay off expensive debt & loans

Fay’s story

We assist you to achieve financial freedom by using your property to remove judgements, arrears on your accounts, and even take you out of debt review.


Step 1

Get assessed. It starts with a quick and FREE Financial Assessment.

Step 2

We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf

Step 3

We settle your debts and restructure them all into single monthly payments.

Step 4

Live better and save smarter with our monthly online Learning Modules. You receive R1500 for every successful module you do.

Step 5

With your debt settled, you’re on your way to having a healthier credit profile, piece of mind and extra cash.

Watch this video overview to understand Bond Optimiser better.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)



Can I use the Bond Optimiser product and not include my home loan as part of the debt repair process?

Unfortunately not, the Bond Optimiser product uses the value of your home to finance and structure the debt repair process.

How much could I expect to save whilst on the Bond Optimiser debt repair product?

On average we save our customer R5000 in monthly repayments while they are on the Bond Optimiser product and then a further R2000 in savings when we switch them back out to a bank. So in a 6 to 12months period you can anticipate saving R7000 in monthly installment repayments.

Am I allowed to apply for more loans or credit while on the Bond Optimiser product?

No, the primary objective of the Bond Optimiser product is to assist our customers in becoming debt free, taking out new debt will prevent this from happening.

Can I pay extra on my monthly Bond Optimiser installment if I can afford it?

No, for duration of your contract, you will only be paying interest. The total amount (capital amount) owing will not decrease during the debt repair period with Bond Optimiser. The process provides instant cash relief and gives our clients breathing room to recover before they move to a standard bond payment that includes capital and interest.

How does the switching process work?

Firstly, after the debt repair process, your credit score on the credit bureau should increase to above 600. We need to get your credit score to be over 600.  Once your credit report shows no outstanding accounts and if applicable, no judgements and/or debt review flags, Bond Optimiser will approach a bank to obtain a home loan on your behalf, therefore switching you from the Bond Optimiser product back to a Bank.

Will Bond Optimiser assist me when I need additional money for school fees, car problems or any other unanticipated events?

Upfront we will establish all your expenses and debts. Based on what you disclose your needs to be in terms of additional money for things like school fees, car problems, renovation etc. will be paid out upfront if you qualify. However, once the Bond Optimiser product is activated you will no longer be eligible for additional money.

Is Bond Optimiser, as a product of Africa Direct EduBond, affiliated with any bank?

No, Africa Direct EduBond is a privately owned company and as such is not affiliated with any bank. However, Africa Direct Edubond is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 45834) and registered with the National Credit Register (NCR No 8048).