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Debt doesn’t only affect your finances, it affects every area of your life. Luckily, we can say the same about Bond Optimiser. It has impacted the lives of our clients in a positive way.



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Natasha Le Roux

Candace Petersen

Natasha Manual

Thobeka Ntubuntu

Featured Written Testimonials

Jennifer Gelderbloem

Senior Teacher, Western Cape Education Department

“Heil die leser. Hiermee wil ek baie dankie se aan die span by Bond Optimiser. Baie dankie dat julle my gehelp het met my seun se registrasie geld. Julle is voorwaar puik en baie behulpsaam. Dit word hoogs waardeer. Baie dankie weereens.”

Bruce Asia

Teacher, Western Cape Education Department

“I want to thank Bond Optimiser for helping us pay for my son’s tertiary education and schooling. The unique finance option has also sorted out all our debt issues bringing our family a new sense of joy and hope.”

Fay Daniels

Principal, Aloe Junior High

“I want to thank Bond Optimiser for helping me overcome our financial concerns and stress. The Bond Optimiser finance programme has provided my family with room to breathe and has allowed me to work in a busy environment financially stress free.

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The Bond Optimiser finance model means I can continue working comfortably to retirement knowing that the growth in my pension fund will more than cover the cost of refinance. This has also allowed my family and I to live in peace and harmony and enjoy life without the stresses of expensive debt.”

Robert Van Der Westhuizen

Government Employee, Department of Community Safety

“I would like to thank Bond Optimiser for helping us find a new way of living. We had been struggling for years with outstanding debt that was crippling our happiness and causing me to contemplate taking a package to settle debt.

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Thanks to the Bond Optimiser wellness programme we have found a new hope for the future and can even save money every month. I no longer need to take a package and can work with the knowledge that my pension fund will keep on growing. All our outstanding debt has been settled by Bond Optimiser who even negotiated to try and get us settlement discounts. Bond Optimiser is not a consolidation. It is not debt review. Bond Optimiser is a financial wellness programme that should have been made available to us public servants years ago. I highly recommend that my fellow colleagues that are struggling as we were do the free financial analysis offered by Bond Optimiser. It might make all the difference to your today and tomorrow. God bless you.”

Judy Sheldon

Admin Clerk, Supply Chain Management, Department of Health

“Dear Edubond, I want to thank you for helping us pay our debts and my daughter’s varsity money. When we saw darkness you brought light into our lives. Without you nothing would be the same. You are absolutely amazing.”