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How Edvance Can Help You Reduce Debt Now And Avoid It In The Future?

Have you found yourself in the position where you cannot or are struggling to afford your monthly debt repayments? This is a tough situation to be in. However, this will not equip you to make better financial decisions in the future. 

Education is said by many to be a catalyst for change, this is why Bond Optimiser’s foundational financial literacy program, Edvance, has made way for change.

Does Debt Consolidation Provide You With Education?

Debt consolidation is aimed at taking your debts and combining them to make one affordable repayment. While some consolidation loans carry a high interest rate, our Bond Optimiser system is designed to help use the lower interest rates given to home mortgages. Another key difference compared to other systems, is we provide you with both debt consolidation and in-house education. Our clients come out with a more affordable payment plan, a better credit record and are more financially savvy. 

Some highlights about the Bond Optimiser System:

  • Our team will negotiate with your creditors to reduce your monthly payments
  • We will put you through our in house financial literacy program, Edvance
  • Our team will work with you to repair and improve your credit profile
  • Over a 12 month period our team will help you to consolidate your debt into your home mortgage, improve your credit score and then we will switch you over to a traditional mortgage provider.

What is Edvance?

Studies have shown that the route of many financial and debt problems, start with a lack of financial literacy. Bond Optimiser’s Edvance program is here to change that!

Edvance is a foundational financial literacy program that can help you to save money and manage your money better. Our financial literacy curriculum forms part of the Bond Optimiser Program. The program aims at assisting our clients to better manage their debt and finances better. Results have shown much lower rates of unsecured debt and  improved credit scores, leaving our customers financially savvy to make the right choices to achieve financial freedom.

Our Bond Optimiser team is ready to assist you in getting out of high interest debt, out of debt review, and to educate you on how to live a smarter financial life.

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