Consolidate your debt into a single mortgage-backed facility

Remove you from Debt Review

Provide Funding for Education

Improve Your Credit Score

Earn Cashback with our Edvance Program

Peace of Mind / Financial Freedom

We give you cash, at the lowest interest rates, when no one else will.

Bond Optimiser is a credit repair facility that helps South African Employees, who are property owners, to consolidate all their debt into a single mortgage-backed facility. We:


Settle your Debts & Remove Judgements


Remove you from Debt Review


Enroll you in our 12 month Edvance financial literacy program


Improve your credit score


Provide you with funding when you need it the most

Who We Are

Over the past 10 years, we have helped thousands of consumers get rid of a short-term debt, keep their homes and clean up their credit profiles.

We do not merely offer debt consolidation, which saves you interest over the long term and solves your cash flow crisis in the short term. We also offer a financial literacy program that incentives you to engage meaningfully with your finances and change your behaviour for good.

Clients become more financially savvy through our Edvance program    (2387 modules completed)

We improve your credit score, so you can become credit worthy again

We negotiate an average of a 10% discount saved on all debt with your creditors
T’s & C’s apply

Have additional surplus income of up to R7000 per month
T’s & C’s apply

We remove you from debt review, and remove all judgements on your name

Maximum loan amount up to R1mill

What We Do

What We Do

We help you fund important expenses like your child’s education

How It Works

Bond Optimiser, a debt repair product that uses the equity in your home loan to get you out of high-interest debt.

Assessment - Get a FREE assessment

1 - Get assessed

Complete our quick and FREE Financial Assessment

Settle your debts

2 - Negotiation

We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to get the best rate for you

Debt Consolidation

3 - Settle & Consolidate

We will settle your debt, get rid of judgements and get you out of debt review by restructuring and consolidating your debts into a single monthly payment

Free Educational Modules

4 - Edvance Financial Literacy Program

We enroll you into our in house financial literacy program that teaches you the fundamentals of making better financial decisions. This enables you to live better and save smarter. You also receive R1500 for every successful learning module that you complete.

Get peace of mind

5 - Switching

With all your debts consolidated within our 12 month program, we switch you over to a traditional mortgage lender where you pay less every month. You will have a healthier credit profile, peace of mind, and extra cash flow every month.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How long does the Bond Optimiser program take?

You are in control of how long the program takes. If you make irresponsible decisions during the program you will be the person that is most affected, which will come at financial cost to yourself.

We aim to repair you as fast as possible and switch you back to a mortgage lender as soon as possible.

The average stay with Bond Optimiser is 12 months, however we do switch customers out before 12 months. You should not be in the program beyond 24 months.

Can I be on the Bond Optimiser program and not include my home loan as part of the debt repair process?

On average we save our customers ± R5000 in monthly repayments per month, while they are in the program. When they successfully switch back to a main stream mortgage lenders, they save a further ± R2000 in debt repayments per month.

It is important to note that while you are on the credit repair program, you will only be paying interest on your outstanding loan amount. Once you switch back to a mortgage lender, you will continue to pay monthly interest but will also start reducing your outstanding loan amount.

How much could I expect to save whilst on the Bond Optimiser credit repair product?

Unfortunately not, Bond Optimiser together with NCR registered credit providers uses the value of your home to finance and structure the credit repair process.

Bond Optimiser facilitates a debt consolidation loan which uses your home as security during the program.

Will Bond Optimiser negotiate and settle creditors on my behalf?

Yes, we negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. We receive the highest discounts when customers are in arrears, or in debt review with the creditor.

All the discounts that we negotiate with the creditors will all assist in reducing your outstanding loan amount. You get all the benefits and any discount will reduce your month interest repayment.

Our systems track and settle each creditor that is part of the consolidated loan. You will have access to each payment made to the creditors. There are some creditors that will require you to request a settlement letter, our team will assist you through this process.

Am I allowed to apply for more loans or credit while on the Bond Optimiser product?

No, the primary objective of the Bond Optimiser product is to assist you in repairing your credit profile, and to help you understand how you ended up in this debt trap but more importantly, how to get you out of it. While on the program, many creditors will want to lend you more money, you need to resist their offers as they will push you back into the debt trap.

If you require any more funds for unanticipated events during the program, contact Bond Optimiser first so that we can structure the best offer for you.

Is Bond Optimiser affiliated with any bank?

No, Bond Optimiser is a privately owned company and as such is not affiliated with any bank. Bond Optimiser is a credit repair company and works with multiple credit providers to assist in the consolidation of your debts.