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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)



How long does the Bond Optimiser program take?

You are in control of how long the program takes. If you make irresponsible decisions during the program you will be the person that is most affected, which will come at financial cost to yourself.

We aim to repair you as fast as possible and switch you back to a mortgage lender as soon as possible.

The average stay with Bond Optimiser is 12 months, however we do switch customers out before 12 months. You should not be in the program beyond 24 months.

Can I be on the Bond Optimiser program and not include my home loan as part of the debt repair process?

Unfortunately not, Bond Optimiser together with NCR registered credit providers uses the value of your home to finance and structure the credit repair process.

Bond Optimiser facilitates a debt consolidation loan which uses your home as security during the program.

How much could I expect to save whilst on the Bond Optimiser credit repair product?

On average we save our customers ± R5000 in monthly repayments per month, while they are in the program. When they successfully switch back to a main stream mortgage lenders, they save a further ± R2000 in debt repayments per month.

It is important to note that while you are on the credit repair program, you will only be paying interest on your outstanding loan amount. Once you switch back to a mortgage lender, you will continue to pay monthly interest but will also start reducing your outstanding loan amount.

Will Bond Optimiser negotiate and settle creditors on my behalf?

Yes, we negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. We receive the highest discounts when customers are in arrears, or in debt review with the creditor.

All the discounts that we negotiate with the creditors will all assist in reducing your outstanding loan amount. You get all the benefits and any discount will reduce your month interest repayment.

Our systems track and settle each creditor that is part of the consolidated loan. You will have access to each payment made to the creditors. There are some creditors that will require you to request a settlement letter, our team will assist you through this process.

Am I allowed to apply for more loans or credit while on the Bond Optimiser product?

No, the primary objective of the Bond Optimiser product is to assist you in repairing your credit profile, and to help you understand how you ended up in this debt trap but more importantly, how to get you out of it. While on the program, many creditors will want to lend you more money, you need to resist their offers as they will push you back into the debt trap.

If you require any more funds for unanticipated events during the program, contact Bond Optimiser first so that we can structure the best offer for you.

Is Bond Optimiser affiliated with any bank?

No, Bond Optimiser is a privately owned company and as such is not affiliated with any bank. Bond Optimiser is a credit repair company and works with multiple credit providers to assist in the consolidation of your debts.

How can I ensure that I don’t end up in debt again?

The primary objective of Bond Optimiser is to assist our customers in repairing their credit profile and to help them understand how to get out of a debt cycle, by educating them through our foundational financial literacy program.

Edvance, our 12 month foundational financial literacy program, assists you in understanding your finances, and why you ended up in this debt position, but more importantly, how to get out of it.

Can I pay extra on my monthly Bond Optimiser installment if I can afford it?

Yes, at any time during the program you can increase your monthly repayments. The increased amount will reduce your outstanding loan amount, and will reduce your monthly repayments.

You can also reduce your outstanding amount by depositing any amount towards your loan account.

How does the switching process work?

Bond Optimiser helps you remove judgements, debt review flags and settles your arrear accounts within our 12 month program. Thereafter we will approach mortgage lenders of your choice to obtain a home loan on your behalf. If you do not successfully switch to a mortgage lender, you will remain in our program for up to 24 months. Bond Optimiser will charge you a subsequent repayment, which includes a capital repayment amount towards the outstanding balance.

Will Bond Optimiser assist me when I need additional money for school fees, car problems or any other unanticipated events?

In the application process we will establish all your income and expenses per month. We do this to work out whether you can afford repaying all your current debts, and whether you will be able to afford repaying your debt every month.

Furthermore, our systems will highlight all your registered loans, from your credit report. If you have enough equity in your home at application stage, we can also add amounts you owe to family, friends or even an ex-spouse.  We can also add other amounts to your loan amount as long as they are urgent and you can afford it.

Once you are on the program and you experience an emergency event that requires you to take out a loan, you should first approach Bond Optimers to assist you.

I am currently under debt review - can Bond Optimiser help me?

Yes, Bond Optimiser can assist customers to move them out of debt review. We have noticed that many of our debt review customers have been in debt review for over 5 years.

When you join the program as a debt review customer, your monthly debt repayment won’t reduce a much as a non debt review customer. Where Bond Optimiser adds value to you is in the negotiation and settlement with your creditors.

Once you are ready to switch to a mortgage lender Bond Optimer will facilitate the removement of your debt review flag. Once you have gone through the debt review, and our credit repair program, together with our financial literacy program, you should never make any more irresponsible financial decisions again.

Is there any amount that I have to pay before I can be assisted?

All the fees that are charged during this program will be included in your final consolidated loan facility pre agreement. This will be fully explained to you by our representatives, as well as by our conveyancing attorneys. Please feel free to ask us if fees are unclear and/or you require further explanation.

Can I include my spouse on the Bond Optimiser product as well?

Absolutely! If you are married in Community of Property (COP) or have an Antenuptial Contract (ANC) and your home loan is registered on both your names, then your spouse must be included.

If you are married with an ANC and the property is only registered in your name, we can include your spouse, as long as they are willing to stand surety for the home loan.

Besides the settlement of debt in the form of loans, credit cards and retail accounts, what other types of debt can you settle?

Bond Optimiser will also be able to settle other outstanding accounts such as municipal, school and tertiary education arrears.

If you have enough equity in your home at application stage, we can also add amounts you owe to family, friends or even an ex spouse.  We can also add other amounts to your loan amount as long as they are urgent and you can afford it.

Once my Bond Optimiser application is approved, can I stop paying my creditors?

No, you should keep paying your creditors, up until the new bond is registered at the Deeds office and your Bond Optimiser program is activated. Our representatives will explain how the transition will work to ensure that you will be in the most favourable position.