From Debt To Credit

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How Bond Optimiser works:

Use the equity in your property to get out of high-interest debt. Expensive short term loans, including salary advance and payday loans, plus credit card facilities that carry unsustainable high-interest rates. The high cost of living in South Africa is already difficult enough, when you add the high cost of loans it becomes almost unbearable to manage your finances.

Bond Optimiser gives you so much more.

Let us walk this journey with you to an improved credit score and emotional wellbeing. Homeowners take our FREE online quick assessment to work out how much we can save you right now.

An overview of the Bond Optimiser process:

Step 1

Get assessed. It starts with a quick and FREE Financial Assessment.

Step 2

We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf

Step 3

We settle your debts and restructure them all into single monthly payments.

Step 4

Live better and save smarter with our monthly online Learning Modules. You receive R1500 for every successful module you do.

Step 5

With your debt settled, you’re on your way to having a healthier credit profile, piece of mind and extra cash.