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Who We Are

With over 10 years of experience, Bond Optimiser has assisted South African’s by consolidating borrowings into a single mortgage-backed facility.

Bond Optimiser is a debt repair provider that uses the equity in the home loans of permanently employed South Africans to help them consolidate their debt, get out of debt review and plan for their financial prosperity.

Over the past 10 years, we have helped thousands of consumers get rid of a short-term debt, keep their homes and clean up their credit profiles.

We do not merely offer debt consolidation, which saves you interest over the long term and solves your cash flow crisis in the short term. We also offer a financial literacy program that incentives you to engage meaningfully with your finances and change your behaviour for good.

We use digital analytics to gain powerful and granular insights into your financial portfolio and your financial habits. This information is used to help you rebalance your portfolio and improve your money habits.

Our team is skilled, experienced and passionate about enabling a future of financial stability for South African’s and their families who currently battle under the burden of unsustainable debt levels without sufficient knowledge to make wise financial choices.

Lee Pluke

Executive director

Lee has been in financial services for more than 30 years. His career began in sales before moving into product design and the

Jeroen de Lijster

Chief executive officer

Jeroen has 20 years’ experience in business development strategy. He has a special interest in creating businesses that

Vebinia Gabriel

Chief operating officer

Vebinia has been in operations for almost 20 years. For the past 10 years she has worked with companies linked…

Annalé de Villiers

Financial manager

Annalé has 10 years’ experience in auditing and financial management. She cut her teeth working for one of the world’s biggest…

Juliana Harris

Customer acquisition & support manager

Juliana has almost 20 years’ experience in financial services. She started her career with a bank, working her way up from a teller…

Nabeela September

Group marketing manager

Nabeela has almost 10 years’ experience in the field of advertising, where she found herself after leaving university…